Co-creating Next Culture.

Taking a stand for true agency, love, and radical human aliveness in this world.

Something completely different than this is possible right now.

Perhaps you’ve touched it before. Moments of deep resonance with those around you, moments of love with a certain extraordinary quality, moments where you cried with the trees, moments where you knew with simple clarity what you were here on earth to do.

It is possible to rewrite how you live so that old parts of you — resentful, manipulative, selfish, inferior, or superior parts — die. It is possible to rebirth yourself as someone who moves in an integrated way from your heart and soul to create extraordinary things for those around you.

Old concerns for money, status, approval, and power, which are really just ways for the ego to feel safe and be in “survival”, can be replaced by far more radical ways of being human. You can be a post-survival human. You can serve forces of empowerment or love or creation. You can weaves fields of being-with for your friends to step into. You can cry with and for others. You can learn to say things you’ve never said before and discover that they’re what you’ve been dying to say your whole life. The possibilities are endless.

The doorway is here. I am here to help you take your next step through it.

There is another way to live.

We each have a Being. It is naturally alive, capable of going completely non-linear, and ecstatic. We also each collect obstructions that cloud the expression of our Being in the world.

These are things that start with “I have to…”. You might be so deep in the story of “I have to…” that you cannot even see you’re in that small little bubble. The bubble of “I have to look good” or “be skinny” or “be the smartest” or “act small” or “make the people around me happy.” We each have many bubbles and they completely constrain the world of possibilities for our Being.

You can pop these bubbles to a far greater degree than most people are willing to experiment with or believe could be possible. But this means to do the deeply terrifying work of unhooking yourself from your parents’ energy, from societal pressures, and from your own internal judgements. It means learning to operate in the minuscule gap between Something Happening and generating a story about it. Most of us live in the world of stories. The other way — without judgements, without comparisons, without pressures — is far more freeing, far more uncomfortable (at first), and far more alive.

This is true agency. I care deeply about the true agency of all Beings and am committed to walking the path towards that with you.

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